About the PNBAA

The PNBAA was first established in the late 1990’s.  The organization was made up of business aircraft and cargo operators, flight schools, and other general aviation interests in and around the Seattle area.  Much like the PNBAA of today, it was established largely to create a networking platform for its members and to serve as a vehicle to facilitate information sharing. After just two years of the organization trying to gain traction, efforts were suspended.

In 2004 with the help and vision of Gene Clow and Richard Keltner, help from NBAA, and others from the former organization, the PNBAA re-emerged.  This time, the revitalized PNBAA focused solely on business aircraft operators and those whose businesses support business aviation operators in our region.  Not unlike the predecessor organization, the revitalized PNBAA established itself as a single voice for business aircraft operators in the Pacific Northwest focusing on issues that support member interests. Safety programs like PNBAA Safety Symposium have been developed in support of our commitment to safety and information sharing with operators.  Quarterly meetings are held on current topics affecting business aircraft operations.

Today, thanks to the efforts of our Corporate, Associate, Individual members and volunteers, the PNBAA is alive and well.  We will continue to weigh in on issues affecting our membership, create value in membership through offered content, and give back to our community and industry in a thoughtful and responsible manner.

We're a group of individuals united by flight.

The Pacific Northwest Business Aviation Association is dedicated to promoting the interests and recognition of the regional business aviation community.

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